Zip lining is a very popular means of having an outdoor adventure. And what more fun could it give than zipping fast on steel cables along the lush green trees of the rainforests, for engaging in this activity is an excellent adrenaline-pumping experience, especially for people who are adventurous at heart. One of the countries all over the world that are frequented by tourists to enjoy an exciting zip line adventure is Costa Rica.

Canopy Zip Lining in Costa Rica

Forest adventure parks are very popular in Costa Rica. In some ways, the idea of zipping above the rainforest canopy is synonymous with this country in the Central America. The parks take their visitors to an excursion surrounded by nature which features the beauty of the forest along with the exciting outdoor activities which includes zip line tours.

The concept of zip lining within the thickness of the Costa Rican rainforest was originally introduced during the 1970s. Since then, because of the adventure “high” in a forest combined with experiencing the spectacular natural beauty of trees, hills, cliffs, and/or rivers, this tourist activity evolved as one of the most popular and widespread things to do in Costa Rica.

Zip Lining – An Alternative Way to Access and Learn About the Rainforests

Zip lining in the rainforests is characterized by inclined steel cables strung between trees at varying heights, with a freely-moving pulley suspended on these cables, by which a person can travel between the platforms propelled by gravity.

While it undoubtedly makes the tourists boost their adrenaline rush, this exciting activity offers an alternative and unique means for them to access the beautiful and remote areas deep in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. In addition, zip lines also educate the riders on important facts about the rainforest, such as the ecology and conservation practices. Most parks offer this course to the tourists, accompanied by nature guides (commonly multi-lingual) who can give detailed facts and information, thus, opening their eyes to the natural beauty of the Costa Rican forests.

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Having Fun, Testing Your Courage, and Overcoming Your Fears

Tourists could not ignore the fun that canopy zip line tours let them experience. Though it doesn’t require any athletic skills just to try it, engaging in this activity requires courage and adventurous hearts. It is thrilling to travel fast from tree to tree high above the rainforest canopy, facing the fear of falling down from such a highly-elevated setting. But the tourists do not have to worry, because the ecotourism parks in Costa Rica make sure that this activity is completely safe. Every piece of equipment used is secure, and there are also trustworthy, professional instructors and tour guides ready to assist them during the course.

A canopy zip line tour is definitely one of the attractions that tourists always put in their list of things to do when they travel and pay a visit to Costa Rica.